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Welcome to The Bitsons

A Multi-chain Modular DeFi Ecosystem
  • LP Token
  • Token Staking / NFT Rewards
  • NFT Staking / Token Rewards
  • Token Staking / Token Rewards
  • Giveaways
  • VIP Membership
  • NFT Collections

Why The Bitsons is better than most NFT projects.

Starting as a simple NFT collection, The Bitsons quickly evolved into a self sustaining DeFi Ecosystem. Utilizing both the Ethereum & Polygon (MATIC) Blockchains the Bitsons Ecosystem is modular as many of the moving parts are interchangeable.
Currently most NFT projects have no utility functions and are based on the art and the hype which leaves most people hesitant to invest. The Bitsons is not only an amazing concept as an art collection but the project encourages user engagement with the Ecosystem with potential returns on investments. Interacting with the Ecosystem users can strategize how they use the modular components to create their own DeFi systems. You could stake $BITSON token & earn Rare Collectibles to sell. You could keep your Collectibles & use them as Membership tokens to enter the VIP areas of the website. You can also stake NFTs & earn WETH as well as more private staking pools. There are many ways you can strategically build your own arbitrage systems.
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